Telluride, Colorado

Quiet two lane serpentine
Winding and rising gradually
Snow banks decorate like lace
The streaming ribbon of waterway

Old main street leading nowhere
Engulfed by towering peaks of grandeur
A town in an alpine pocket
Full bill folds mending the old buildings behind them

Tales of blue grass whispering
A distant echo beneath the snowy scene
Old west gun fights and robberies
Praise of outlaws and Butch Cassidy

Humans clad in fur and Carhartts
Blended together in the beer and whiskey bars
skis swooshing back & forth like wiper blades
Up over the hills, the steeps & glades

Silently each soft snow flake falls
Caressing the wet pavement in a grand dissolve
The clink and clank of espresso made
The beginning & end of every mountain day

– JM


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