Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico

Rugged highway snakes through pinyon pine arroyos
I can see for miles
The mountains tower above the town like jagged monsters
The moon’s silhouette sits in the blue sky above the peak like a ghost in the daylight
Night must be near

There is a feeling of spirits, spiritual, something
A world based on message and feeling
It’s not processed and packaged like the sentiments I feel most places

Dwight is a Pueblo Indian
He turned 25 and is in the Kiva
His native tongue is only spoken and there is no text
Warrior people — peaceful people
I feel like I’m missing something
Is there something in the Kiva I don’t know about?


Dwight speaks about his midnight hike
The bald peak where he watched the sun rise
Ancient lake and adobe places
Everything appears smaller here


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