Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington

Fremont — we always find each other
This time you brought me Ticktockman and a cream cheese dog


My lame 90’s folklore burns inside
I start to think I’m in SINGLES
Screaming Trees sit at the edge of the Sound Garden
While a drunk fisherman walks into Pikes on his day off
He is shouting hooray!
He’s handing out beers to strangers to celebrate his team’s victory
It isn’t the Seahawks

Ships pass on the glassy water as the fireball kisses the horizon off in the distance
Illuminating the rusty criss-crossing cranes and metal outcrops
Inlets and sounds
A coastline I never quite figure out

I’ve got to go deeper here
I know there is more

Give me the grit
The art
The real
The Now
Melt me into my own SeattleIWishIWasHereInTheNinetiesMusicBlissAndSubPopRiffs

We’ll meet again


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