“June Fifth”

Water filled the eyes June Fifth
Screamed heart and life inside of me
Now the water is below my feet
And I can breathe inside again

The ice cold flame awoke me
As it left your honest mouth
New thoughts will carry me
Far Far away

No one can suffocate

No one can suffocate my vision

“Rock n’ Roll Girl”

City girls only like fast cars
Lots of money and prissy clean bars
I need a girl who likes a strong whiskey
Takes a little shot and likes to get busy
I need a sweetheart with keen intellect
A badass bitch with a tattoo on her neck
To be my rock n roll girl

Long black hair and bright blue eyes
Stiletto words and legs up to the sky
She likes a hard working man
Blue collar ethic and some working hands

She’ll paralyze me with her pistol whip
Her sailor mouth and her dirty tricks
I’ll fall in love at first site
From that point on you’ll be by my side

You can ride shotgun in my dirty van
We’ll chase the sun across the plains
Make love atop the Rockies
Watch the sun fall in the sea

You’ll be my rock n’ roll girl
I’ll be your rock n’ roll man

“’69 Vanagon”

’69 Vanagon
Pop the top
Camp again
Squat and roll
Bum a smoke
Getting high
Hit the show

All the misfit kids are waiting outside the show
With all the riffraff and the rockers

When the sun comes up over the city all of my true friends will be walking with me
‘Cause all night long we were getting way too shitty with whiskey drinks and cigarettes and carrying on

The reggae beats are blaring
A Poet’s Life is playing
The mood is set
It’s time to go
My boys and I
We are set to roll

All the rude girls are calling out to hit the floor
They are taunting us with signs of making love not war

“Feet On A Wire”

The lake line is low
Like my bottle and my dope
It is the least of my worries now
Because the dads are using guns and rope
Times are getting tougher
There is less food on the plate
Lack of coin in the pocket
Pressing down like a heavy weight

So keep your head up
Your feet down on the wire
You gotta keep working hard
And keep those irons in the fire

An old Irishman came across the sea
Seeking out a piece of land
A little prosperity
He worked his whole life
Built and lost everything
It never even got him down
He would always just say one thing


I’ve got an addiction
I’m loaded like a gun
There is no time
To get this all done
Let’s drink this bottle up and run


Love is like a Molotov cocktail
You light it up it will explode
Work is my drug
Strumming is my rehab
So let’s roll one up and burn it down


We drank it all down
We smoked it all away
I think it’s better now that it’s numb
My thoughts are my company
Written words to tell
Exactly why I’m singing now

“Vagabond Soul”

It’s a hot cup of tea watching the sunset
It’s your bright blue eyes staring down the sun
It’s a list of places and a pocket full of change
There is no time wasted when I’m by your side

We are vagabond souls
Everyone knows
We only have one life to live
So we have got to do it right this time

Life is a big river with stepping stones
You can tiptoe through it but you can’t do it all alone
Sometimes by yourself or you can take my hand
It really doesn’t matter as long as I can be your man

Living life on the road
Making two lanes feel like home
There’s new faces all around
Different places Different sounds
It’s a simple life with one another
And our crazy dreams will fuel the fire

“Leroy Parker”

I’m a cowboy
I’m a punk rocker
I’m an outlaw
I’m a train robber
I’ve got a six-shooter
A wild bunch of rockers
Robbers Roost
Raucous streets
Wagon wheels

I’m the man that you’re looking for
I’m the man that you want
I know you saw my picture from Texas
Taken long before they thought I died

Me and Sundance
We had a good time
Me and Kid Curry tasted the same wine
I tried to go straight
But the Rio Grande said no
In 1900
They didn’t like my Tipton show

We headed east to New York City
Hopped a ship to a different land
Set up shop near the mountains
Honest work and ranching hands
But the money kept on talking
Like a temptress on the stairs
With her low dress a-calling
A hundred thousand dollars sounds fair
So we walked into that bank
With our big guns blazing
The Devil is back inside
Now we are back on the run

“Life’s Attic”

Like a little kids red trike
Beloved but now lost in the attic night
When you first opened me you said
I love you so much
Together till death

But now I can’t see you
You’ve locked the crawlspace door
I’m just a relic rusting
Amongst all your other memories

The dust makes my vibrance maroon
I’m feeling so dirty
It’s those remnants of you
Mended wounds still leave scars
I guess that’s to remind me we are better apart

I’ll probably just stay here
Pushed to the back and lost
Then dug up years later
And be thrown away without a second thought

You like it that way don’t you?
I can understand why we are through
Because sometimes it is easier to let go
Then to hold on to what we had before

“Salt Lake City”

In ’95 the summer was red hot
Tim and Tom took me down to the Raunch punk shop
7″ records and patches on our jackets
Sitting around and starting bad habits
Music was our faith in God’s little city

Salt Lake City

Mountains to the east and a dead lake to the west
Moms were popping Prozac beneath the eyes of their patriarchs
I was watching them tend their kids
Glassy eyes became a sacred art
I really wasn’t sure what was going on

So we walked through the hills
Wandered through the labyrinth
I saw kids get impaled by steeples and thunder
And by our nineteenth year, young men started to disappear

And after two long years, the young boys started showing up
Speaking in lots of tongues and pointing to the cross above
They said “You’re going down –
right to the depths of Hell!”
I said “Hey man…what are you talking about? This is my city and not just yours. Let’s make a little peace now and not another war.”


Saturday night in SLC hit the bar downtown to blow off some steam
Line the shots up and put the beers down with the pretty girls from the other side of town
Of course there is one guy who doesn’t belong
Who is piss-drunk and wants to show off his guns
Tap-tap-tap on my shoulder
I turn around to find a fist in my mouth

But when you’ve got family
You’ve got backup
You have a crew for no money
Just some blood and trust
So sit back down and think again
Before you fuck with one of us

I guess he didn’t understand
He threw an upper cut with his right hand
It is hard to tell what happened next
The boys devoured him like a wolf pack
Music still playing and people still drinking
They were wondering what this guy was thinking
It wasn’t like we started it
But I guarantee that we are going to finish it

“Something’s In The Air”

You think that there’s a tragedy
In someone else’s eyes
And now you are wondering
How you escaped from it unscathed

Wait patiently
Your time will come

Something’s in the air
Our town seems much more melancholy
Minor chords and tears are shedding
The parents have made their children cry
But who’s to blame?
For all the sad music
Expressions are growing aggressive
Their soothing writhing hearts
through dischordious screams now

You’re not the only one that’s hurt
Who’s to say one’s wounds are worse?
They come in all shapes and sizes
And at times we cannot see them all
No we cant…

Who are you screaming for?
Recognition or something more?



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