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In 2006 I was waiting tables at the Hard Rock Cafe in Salt Lake City, UT. It was a scorching August day. I took a break outside the restaurant to take a phone call while I didn’t have any tables to attend to. I found out some bad news. The film company that had originally agreed to feature the Monster Squad in their upcoming movie bailed.

I finished receiving that news, hung up my phone and immediately re-dialed. I called Cody Smith. Cody and I had become friends over the years through telemark competitions and other film projects like Falling Forward Productions Smoke & Mirrors. He had mentioned to me at one point that if I ever had an interest in starting a video company, I should call him.

I didn’t know anything about making a ski movie and neither did Cody. This however had no bearing on the conversation. Within a couple of weeks he had moved from Colorado and was sleeping on my couch in Salt Lake City, UT. We promptly purchased a camera and editing rig. This included a computer and the software we needed to cut the clips and add music. We also spent the remaining months of summer figuring out exactly how we were going to pull off making a movie. The company name was created in the back of a 1999 Subaru Outback by our late friend Austin Corry along with Chaz Pfeiffer and Cody Smith.

We assembled a crew of athletes to work with on the flick. They were comprised of the newly formed Monster Squad along with a few others like JT Robinson, Dave Stratton and Shaun Raskin. With everyone’s help we began filming as soon as there was snow to ski, and were able to create a movie trailer to present at the 2006 Outdoor Retailer trade show.

Somehow we managed to convince people we knew what we were doing. I think we knew what we were getting into, but we also knew we had a ton of work ahead of us. We learned how to do things as we went. We figured out how to shoot, edit and direct. It was an exciting time and we compiled many good memories along the way.

In the fall of 2007 we released the official movie trailer for our first and only DVD release “Since We Last Spoke”. This was followed by a 40 city US tour with a few select dates in Europe.


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