Bozeman, MT

The morning started with two eggs over easy
Rye toast, hash browns, bacon, and coffee
The Westerner’s sign, old 7-UP logo, it’s inviting
Hung over college kids, cowboys — everyday exciting

To go cup of coffee in hand, step on the concrete
Go west on main, marquee horse on his hind feet
Spinning around like a top — redneck mind tricks
There are Patagonia and designer clothes to match it

Sit in the back of Wild Joes to discover
Everyone from tattooed misfits to Land Rover Owners
Gallatin fisherman and Bridger Bowl shredders
Beautiful women both hippies and city slickers

Spend one afternoon running off to the Crazies
One adventure, then another, to Moonlight Basin and Cooke City
Saw where the buffalo roam — the middle of the highway
All the Bighorn, Elk, and Moose seem to go my way

Lonely highways reach out from the city like spiders
To old saloons and graves of outlaw fighters
Snow capped peaks, fields of grain, raging rivers, and majesty
Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the Big Sky Country

— J.M.


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