Berkeley, California

Berkeley, California

Rougher streets circle the city like sharks bearing their teeth
But rarely biting the sweet center
A college campus full of a trail mix of patchouli, rugby and intellectuals

The motel 8 on University resembles a two story barracks
The cold tone of the tan stucco is grim and cheap
But its home

I walk with my guitar strapped to my back
University to Shattuck
Hang a right and find a spot next to the Bart entrance
The case opens
And the rock n roll starts coming out

Rock n roll heroes don’t come from L.A.
Every one I can think of came from the East Bay
I can feel it on the street
Every chord
Every word

I walk the streets wandering
Linking up the streets from Rancid Transplants
Each footstep touching the concrete adds a backup vocal

Make my way across San Pablo Avenue
Stood in front of 924 Gilman
I could hear all the music from ‘89
Pretended the blank wall was a window
I could look in and see it all

There’s nothing like nostalgia
A time
A place you never were
I’ve woven that Berkeley thread in my fabric long ago

Coffee & grub
Rudy Can’t Fail

Thanks for the late night walks on the streets I’ve never known
I’ll be back around

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