Bend, Oregon

I feel like a highway cowboy
The road from Idaho dusty and desolate
Middle of nowhere
Secluded and lacking the lush
At the crossroads of 97 & 20
Main Street has a hip vibe cracking
A braided whip snapping of hipster
Strands of suburban realtors
A flared tip of mountain scenesters
A sweet center of culture
Surrounded by a shell of Home Depots and Strip Malls
First Friday — there is an art walk
Strum my guitar for the people on the sidewalk
Some humans tip out of pity
Some for art
Some for creativity
Busk for hours
Become part of the city
Pack my belongings
Drive to the Shell station
And watch the attendants pump the gas for me
Looks like the 1950s
White shirts and pants
White hats and rags


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