Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Schipol to Central Station
I’m lost again
Only that is the point
I’d wander but I have compadres who might coup d’etat
But only if I don’t find the hostel

24 hours until take off
Pick up a bike for ten Euros
Now it is time to search and destroy

We take in the water
Visually eating each canal
Snakes of bikes slither like serpent armies
We join the flow and become part of the city current
Flat roads make for quick travel
We search for venues to break bread and share great coffee

Architecture gods dwell in the design
Each color and angle telling stories of awareness to detail
Vandelpark to the water, now the streets are narrow
And they lead us in circles of interesting escapades

Red Light District
The sun goes down
Empty windows begin to fill up with skin and lace
Each beauty, beams stares to lock us in their sights
My cerebral pause is like a drug
Are you real?
I pedal through, jostled by the uneven cobble Stones below my tires
Each red light passing over my face like a valentine beam

Hustle and bustle
Back to the starting point
Digest and rest
Never unpacking

We are almost never there

Hostel to Central Station — Central to Schipol
Take off — lift off
Good bye my sweet one night stand. My sweet Amsterdam


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