Albany, New York

A slick bike ride through the city
Living Walls
Bright murals, different minds
A vacant church with dude-like Jesus
His t-shirt reads, “Art happens”
The crisp fall air burns my lungs
Like matches searing holes inside
The smoke coming out of my mouth with each breathe
Mad dash through old neighborhoods
Crunching leaves beneath the tires as they roll
Old brick walls transformed with bright colors
Rats, creatures, butterflies
Old becoming new
Ragged shit given life through vision
Architecture so thick and dense it swallows me whole
And then spits me out into the surrounding suburban sprawl
Row houses
Old houses
Apartment buildings
A forgotten capital
Sister NYC did herself up bigger and better
But this feels good
The search
A city where you need to put the work in to get the daily bread
I feel it


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