52 Cities — 52 Poems

52 Cities — 52 Poems is a collection of writing I put together over the course of 24 months. They are brief glimpses of my time in each city I traveled through during that time. Some of these cities I spent days or weeks in — others I was only there for a few hours. Each city has a unique personality and feel to it. These words are my take on how I felt and what I thought while I was in the middle of those personalities.

I’ll be releasing one piece weekly until the end of 2013. Enjoy and thank you.

Toronto, Ontario — Canada

San Francisco, California

Portland, Oregon

Seattle, Washington

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ft. Collins, Colorado

New York City, New York

Berkeley, California

Morgedal, Norway

Telluride, Colorado

Taos, New Mexico

San Luis Obispo, California

Bellingham, Washington

Chicago, Illinois

Albany, NY

Bozeman, MT

Denver, CO

Carbondale, Colorado

Montreal, Quebec

Park City, Utah 

Montpelier, Vermont

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Riverside, California

Montebello, Quebec

Bend, Oregon

Boston, Massachusetts

St. Louis, Missouri 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Harbor Springs, Michigan 

Benton Harbor, Michigan

Austin, Texas

Crested Butte, Colorado


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