My spring and summer have been consumed ravenously by work. It hasn’t left me with much desire to write and document my movements. On one hand this makes me feel a sense of loss. Its like everything I did never existed because I didn’t take the time to make notes of it. It probably sounds a bit silly, but that’s just how my mind works. There is no time to sit and sulk about any of that though. Onward we go — and there is much to look forward to.

In April I leased a small retail space and an office in Salt Lake City. It is in the same building as my brother Lorin’s recording studio, High Desert Studios. The original goal was to create a work space for Telemark Skier and a small retail outlet where we could sell shirts, stickers, etc. Then about a month ago I had the opportunity to lease the rest of the building. It totals 8,000 sq. ft. When I first leased the smaller space upfront I had dreams of what I would do with the entire space if I had it, but I didn’t think that would be for quite some time, if ever. Some times things work out in mysterious ways — and you just need to hop into the current and let it sweep you away.

A small group of us has been working anxiously to clean up the building and find uses for the space. The retail space will most likely open this week. It will be a soft opening. Lorin’s studio is close to opening as well to the public and we are finding use for the warehouse space in the back. I’m hoping we can work with some local artists and create some small events for people to come by and check things out.


This past week we put the finishing touches on on issue #19 of Telemark Skier. I couldn’t be happier. This will be my first issue as the Owner. And it will be our first issue as a new team. I’m proud of my crew. They all worked diligently to put this thing together and learn the ropes of how to create something like this. I’m the only one, in the group, that had any experience in putting something like this together, so the process was very raw and I think that comes across, in a positive way, in our final product. You can go to school for a lot of things, but education by doing has always been something I’ve found more endearing and real. These guys lived what they were learning. I couldn’t have asked for more. Please pick up a copy here and see what we put together.

In other news I’ll be hitting the road in the month of October with my good friend Andreas Sjöbeck for screenings of “Let’s Go!” my latest telemark ski movie.

Here’s the Trailer & Tour Dates for that:


 Thanks for checking in.

— Josh



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