The last few weeks have been a blur as usual. I like it that way. I’m visiting so many places in such a short period of time, I often don’t know where I’m at. It’s stepping out of the van in the morning, looking left, looking right, trying to recognize the snowy mountains in front of me, or the buildings down the street. It’s my daily puzzle I assemble while infusing my veins with several cups of coffee. I love it.

I arrived in Denver, CO this morning just in time to watch the city transform to white beneath thousands of powdery flakes. Winter finally decided to show up — it feels normal now. I’m in town for the SIA trade show, similar to the Outdoor Retailer show I attended last week in Salt Lake City, UT. This is the time of year where I fight to keep the colds away. With all of the handshakes that go along with trade shows, it is difficult to avoid catching something. The lack of sleep never helps.

Last week a big change happened in my world. Height of Land Publications announced that Freeheel Life Industries, LLC (me) would be acquiring Telemark Skier Magazine. I’m proud to be the new owner of TSM. And I’m looking forward to the many challenges it will offer along the way. You can read a little more about what is going on here:

Unfortunately there isn’t much else to report tonight. Hopefully once the trade shows are out of the way I’ll have more time to dig in on my notebook more in depth. The projects are plentiful in the coming months — there will be plenty to share.

Thanks for checking in. I appreciate it.

— JM



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