I have officially been living on the road for one year now. My time out traveling spans more than a decade with stints of van living but this time there hasn’t been a hiatus. It feels like it should. Motion is my muse. I rely on her to keep things alive in me. So I keep driving. And she keeps me on point and thinking.

The last few weeks have taken me back from Salt Lake City up into the Northwest. Its an area I’m growing more fond of every time I pass through it. The cities are becoming familiar. I know the streets and can tell which way is north. It provides a sense of home for long enough to lure me deeper and I’m able to discover more of the nooks and crannies.

The first event of this tour was at Mt. Baker, WA, about an hour away from Bellingham. Bellingham Is a mid-size coastal town not far from the Canadian border full of young college kids. The smooth maroon brick sidewalks, boutique shops and array of restaurants are reminiscent of Boulder, CO or Burlington, VT. The pace of the town isn’t dramatically fast or slow — just right.

I found a record shop with a great selection. I picked up some new records:

The Clash – Combat Rock
PJ Harvey – Dry
Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska
Tomahawk – Mit Gas
Link 80 – The Struggle Continues

I’m especially looking forward to digging into Dry. PJ Harvey has always been a favorite of mine and I’ve often neglected picking up more of her albums. Nebraska also seems like it will do the trick. I haven’t concerned myself much with The Boss over the years. Mostly because I haven’t felt that pull towards it from anything I’ve caught on the radio. I caught a biography on Springsteen a few months back though where they touched on Nebraska and how it was more or less a failure. They eluded to the fact that it was really lo-fi, stripped down and folksy. Sounds perfect to me and I’m looking forward to it.



I just got back to Salt Lake City this morning. My hometown is now some place I can disappear and work on things I haven’t had time for on the road. I spent the last few days in Hoodoo, OR for a demo event and also managed to work on my upcoming telemark movie Let’s Go! that will be released in the fall.

The Northwest Telemark Festival is one of my favorite events every winter. My good friend Jarl celebrated the tenth anniversery of the event this year. It was great to be there and see all of my telemark friends that I’ve had the privelege of getting to know over the past five years in that area.

Telemark people are some of the most intriguing creatures on the planet. It is an array of so many walks of life, socioeconomic backgrounds and styles. But no matter where I travel to, there is a common thread that strings us all together. It’s rooted in a love for individuality. At least for me. Telemark skiing represents that for me above all else. It draws me in with a strength to understand it — to get it. If it wasn’t for this key element I would have given up going into the hills to drop a knee many years ago. The people and the places are what make it for me. The face shots and powder are a bonus.

It is finally cold here in Utah and there is snow in the forecast. Winter.

— JM




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