Ellicoteville, NY –

The road has been great to me this year. So far I’ve met more interesting people than I could have ever hoped for. And the road season is just beginning.

I arrived in Chicago a few days ago. I’d been through there before, but never had much time to explore. This time I brought a bike. That was a key to opening the discovery channels up for me. The city itself reminds me more of New York City than other large cities I’ve visited. It isn’t as busy, but the energy is high and there is quite a bit going on. I enjoy that.

Bicycle riding is not my forte. I’ve had so many bad experience on bikes over the years, that my interest level towards them is virtually non-existent, except for city riding. The motion of riding a bike while weaving in and out of cars, people, barricades, construction cones and any other other obstacle you might find is incomparable.

I managed to get in as much riding as possible.

We found out that our friends from Sweetgrass Productions were in town screening their movie Solitaire at The Music Box in Chicago. Those guys are great. It is always a treat to see them on the road and swap stories and talk shop. I respect their work immensely too. If you have seen Solitaire, especially, I’m sure you would agree with my sentiment. Their ability to capture amazing landscapes and create feeling through their films is amazing. Check it out. You won’t be dissapointed.

I’m in Ellicotteville, NY tonight. This is always one of my favorite shows on tour. It is a great way to start the show cycle back up and get us into the groove for the next few weeks. Alex Paul and I will be playing some music shows as well along the way, the first being in Albany, NY this Saturday. All of the upcoming shows are here. Hopefully you’ll have the chance to check out Loyalty and even some music.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated along the way.






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