The Super 8 motel in Berkeley, CA is home for tonight. It’s actually not that bad. From the outside though it appeared run down so I was skeptical about how comfortable it would be. The last stretch of road time has taken Alex and myself across OR, WA, MT, ID, NV & CA. It has been a blast.

We had a little bit of a break because of the Halloween weekend. That was after our Ashland, OR show. Our travels took us north towards Portland to see some friends and play two music shows. The first one was in Coos Bay, OR. It’s a town just north of Bandon, OR – a place I lived for a month and a half one summer. It was great to get the guitar out and play for some folks. The music shows help break things up a bit. Especially when the movie tour schedule is as steady, as it usually is.

I’ve been to most of the cities we passed through this time around. So there isn’t much to report out of the ordinary.

Here are some photos of some of the country we have been seeing:

Last night we were in Tahoe City, CA for a show at Sawtooth Ridge Cafe. It was great to catch up with some friends and see some of the younger crew from the Alpine Meadows Telemark Team. I really dig that program. Youth telemark programs are few and far between. So I enjoy spending time doing shows where we can connect with a scene like that. I know how important that is. I started telemark skiing when I was 14 years old and anything related to tele was cool at the point. I hope my projects stay relevant for those younger kids. That is important to me.

The tahoe area was filled with snow from a recent storm. Some of my friends even went skiing this morning. I’m not quite there yet – getting into skiing mode. I’m doing my best to keep in shape with all of the driving, but I have a few weeks before I put the boards on. I am looking forward to it though – dropping my knees again. I realized that next year will be my 20th anniversary since I first started tele skiing. It is difficult to even fathom that so much time has gone by. What a great trip through life it has been.

Tomorrow is a day off here in Berkeley. I’m hoping to get out and see some parts of town that I haven’t seen before. There is a good chance I’ll going to be playing an open mic tomorrow night if you are in the area. I’ll post it on the facebook and twitter accounts for anyone interested.

Thanks for checking in.




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