The Road is medicine. It’s my medicine.
If I am in one place too long I don’t do very well. I usually only feel right when I’m in motion. So getting back out on the blacktop, for me, has helped me regain perspective on the world. I’m grateful for that.

After I left Montreal it was difficult for me to check in on the computer, hence my lack of entry here. The majority of my time was spent driving long distances. Since September 21, 2011 I have driven 1952 miles. That means I averaged about 200 miles per day. Beautiful.

Being so far north in Jeffersonville, Vt I decided on a route through Toronto, Ontario Canada. What an incredible city. I spent a few days running around and absorbing as much of the culture as I could. I barely scratched the surface of what’s there. I want more of it, but I’ll have to wait.

Here area few images from that mission:

From Toronto I headed across Canada highway 401. The country along the highway towards Michigan is beautiful. I was reminded that winter is on the way during that drive. Several trees and bushes, red and orange, stuck out like Bob Ross  painted them on the green himself.

Benton Harbor, MI

I played The Livery in Benton Harbor, MI. I became friends with Steve Berthel, the owner a few years ago. He is also a telemark skier and makes some amazing beer. He even has one called Telewhacker, an homage to the sport we both love. Steve was kind enough to let me open for Harper and Midwest Kind. Those guys were amazing. Harper plays a mean blues harp along with his stellar vocals and didgeridoo. They gave a strong performance. I felt priveleged to share the stage with them.

Parked outside The Livery. Plugged in with wifi. Perfect.

I wanted to spend more time exploring throughout Michigan. They have been hit hard with the economic times over the past years. I could see the impact in some of the places I passed through. It is tough to see that, even tougher to understand and digest it. Some areas were depressed enough economically that house after house was boarded up. I couldn’t help but think about the people. Where did they go? What did they do? What will happen to these areas? My questions are endless as to the outcome of this situation.

I’m very interested and grateful that I can be on the road this election year. It will hopefully shed light on what is going on in our country. I want to see it first hand and gather as much information as possible.

Kansas City, MO  & Wichita, KS

I had the chance to open for Blackhounds for three shows in Missouri and Kansas. My brother Lorin is the singer in that band. It has been almost a decade since we have played a show together, so I was really happy our paths crossed.

The shows went great. We rocked some great venues and met some great people. I’m looking forward to going back to that part of the country when I’m touring next year.

The Loyalty movie tour begins next week. I’m excited to see some telemark stoke out on the road the next few months.

Thanks for checking in.




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