The Countdown Begins

The end of summer tends to offer up the regular bag of cliche phrases like: “I can’t believe it’s over!” and “This year is going by so fast!” And it’s true, yet again. I woke up this morning and walked out of my apartment to fill my nostrils with crisp fall air and thoughts of snow in the near future. I can’t wait.

Yesterday I made my way up to Park City to drop off posters to advertise for the movie on Oct. 8th @ Star Bar. I’m teaming up with the local Kids Telemark program that I’ve worked with in the past called the PC Tele Tribe. My friends Hank Keil and Jaimie Atlas have done a great job, putting a low pressure and non-competition environment for kids to shred on hill every weekend.

We will be running a raffle/silent auction before the show to raise awareness and funds for the Tribe…so if you are in the area for the SLC or PC showings, we will have gear to give away for both nights. This is a great opportunity to make some strides for youth programs and spreading the best turn in the world down to the youngsters.

The rest of the preparations for the tour are coming together. It is always a bit of a daunting task to do all of the PR and booking, but in the end the reward is priceless, to be out on the road and meet other people like me who love Freeheel skiing. This time around will be especially rewarding with my new job @ Telemark Skier Magazine, and having the opportunity to take this new magazine to people in person and also get their insight on what type of magazine they would like to see in the future.

For those of you that keep on twitter> be sure to add me @freeheellife and pass it on to all of your freeheelin’ friends. I’ll be tweeting throughout the tour w/ updates, news, and pics. Technology is a beautiful thing, and this could be a great vicarious adventure to go on with me.

Thanks for all of your support and good vibes everyone!



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