It seems fairly often that I reflect on how busy things are around me and the like, but this past week has reminded me of how relaxed my soul has become in the past weeks. I’m confindent in saying that this is one of the calmest times I’ve felt in the past decade, and it feels very rewarding.

The inspiration lately seems endless, as I continue to push forward with new projects and ideas. I finished my first commercial video edit, a 3 min. marketing highlight video for an alternative school here in Utah. I felt like the shots really came together in a smooth fashion and I couldn’t be happier with the editing. Just waiting to finalize the final product after the draft review and then I can celebrate!

I had the chance to check out Mike Watt & The Missing Men here in Salt Lake the other night. Great show! More than that a few weeks ago I came across his tour diary and website and have been reading up on his projects since the Minutemen back in the early 80s. His DIY style and just humble words have been great these last few weeks. I’m greatful for people in the world who live their lives this way and charge ahead doing what they love for the right reasons. You can read more about Mike Watt Here:

Last night I got together with a few guys from Blackhounds at my pad to chat a bit about recording with me in my apartment. I’ve been working things out for years about how to record this material and where. My brother does vox in the ‘Hounds, but I’ve known the rest of the guys for years and everyone seems psyched on collaborating with me to help this recording come to life. I couldn’t ask for a better group of men. I respect their work ethic and drive over the years and it is nice to see their own excitement about the songs I’m writing. They are out on the road for the next few weeks, but hopefully we’ll be able to put this thing together and have something workable by the end of June.

I’ve been rocking a few new records that I’ve picked up that have been great, and helping add to the positive vibe of life. For those of you that may have some interest you can check out:

The Riverboat Gamblers
Dinosaur jr. (Free online track from upcoming album)

Enjoy the memorial day weekend>



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