Spring is here


Time continues to fly by with a raucous vibe like driving with the car window down going 80 while the wind makes you deaf to the radio turned all the way up.

Spring is here and things are moving forward in a beautiful direction.

This morning has been especially exciting for me, as today marks the first deadline for drafts for isssue #13. I want to thank all of my friends and contributors that are coming together to make this magazine happen and have the voice that it needs to. It is exciting to see the pieces come together one by one and I know that if we can nail the imagery and design, we will have a great chance of capturing what Telemark skiers need to see and read.

My busking adventures have continued the past couple of weeks and it has only gotten better with each outing. It feels like home to be on the streets and play for strangers and I’m starting to find what works and does not, which is interesting in and of itself.

Last night I found a new favorite place to play, not in terms of being lucrative, but in terms of sound. The spot is on at the edge of a parking garage and the acoustics are wonderful. I could sit on the edge of the structure and depending on how far I leaned back or sang into the concrete room behind me, could manipulate my volume and sound. The fact that the street provides little gems like this make it such a more pure experience for me.

It ended up being an eventful night. In just a few hours I was approached to play on air on a radio show next week called If that happens I’ll be sure to report on that. I also was offered a chance to do some recording, played with a guy that runs a photo gallery and a few other really cool people. Interesting and rich night. Thanks.

Well lots of work to do. I’ll leave you with some photos from last week when my buddy Jarl was in town from Eugene. He runs a killer Telemark shop



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