mid week shuffle.

sip. gulp. sip. gulp.

Ah a nice hot cup of brew in the morning while I sit down to collect my thoughts and look at the day in front of me is exactly how I like to get things going. My endeavors yesterday were both productive and slow. Often times this happens as what I perceive to be quick appointments turn into something a bit more developed, as did my two appointments in the morning.

My first meeting was with Vanessa Pierce ( ), a writer and person that I admire greatly for her projects, namely the She Jumps organization that she has built up with some of her other friends. Really cool endeavor…be sure to check it out > . We had a great chat and it always gets me fired up in the morning to chat about Telemark skiing and all the fun projects going on.

Then it was on the meet up w/ Noah and Jonah from The Powderwhores at their pad. I had to take some stuff over to them and thought it would be just a quick fly-by, but who was I kidding. I was hoping for the invite in to check out some footy and see what these cats are cooking up for the next movie. They were kind enough to give me a glimpse of what they’ve been conjuring up, and I must say I’m really excited for them. They have come so far and have continually produced better visuals each and every year. The camera angles matched with the snow and athleticism are a lethal combo this time around and I’m looking forward to the final product on the big screen in October. You can bet I’ll be there. If you want to follow the PWs they have a great blog that they keep up on regularly as well as Noah Howell’s personal blog:

My big learning experience from yesterday was when I got home to realize that all the HD tapes I have to go through cannot be captured on my SD camera. I was pretty bummed about this whole thing. I also was talking to my friend Bones last night, who emphasized the intense process that is down converting HD to SD. Oh well. I signed myself up for this project, so bring it on.

I hope everyone is having a great week.
all the best.



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