Busker Du

The weekend was great as I continued my organization around the office and got things lined up for the week. I can just feel the energy building around the various projects that are happening and I can barely sleep at night because my brain just won’t shut off. This can be both a great feeling and also one that can make me very tired after a couple of days of 5hrs of sleep. I’ll continue my search for balance as I go into the next few months, but I’m skeptical that I’ll become any less excited about what is going on.

The weekend wasn’t especially eventful, however I had a great night of busking downtown again and feel not only that I’m playing better to the crowd, but I’m learning where to go and how to adjust my set to better suit the environment. Busking is interesting because it can seem very rushed as people are moving by and dropping dollar bills in my case. It has a very exciting feel to it, much different from my experiences in cafes and venues. I’m going to make an effort to finish some new material this week and hit the pavement again towards the end of this week and see what I can do. I’m also hoping to pick up a few more harmonicas and maybe incorporate a tambourine or something similar to bring some more complexity to my jams. Wish me luck.

On a bit of a funny note, I finally bid on my first item on ebay! I thought this was funny for some reason, since it probably seems like something I would have experienced already. I’m not sure if I would do it too much in the future, but it was a fun and interesting experience nonetheless. I scored a sweet Super8 camera for a mere $6.95 plus shipping. The next step is to track down some film cartridges and get to work on trying it out. I’ve been shooting some 35mm slides in my old Nikon this past year, but I’m interested to see if I can take any of my knowledge there and bring it over to this little gadget. Either way I’m intrigued and looking forward to using it for various endeavors in the future.

Regarding the subject of photography, I wanted to mention a friend of mine, whose photography I’m increasingly becoming fascinated by. I’m by no means a tech geek when it comes to composition, light, or anything else like that…but I think some of this stuff is great. His name is Banks Gilberti and you can see more of his work here: > enjoy.

There is much work to be done today and the weather is too beautiful to be typing all day if I can help it. Be well out there and thanks for reading!



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