6 buck songs

I was itching to find a sense of freedom last night, so I grabbed my guitar and headed into downtown Salt Lake to open my case and play a few tunes I’ve been working on. It was refreshing. Street performing really challenges my confidence because everything is constantly changing around you. At times people stop to listen, others walk by, and sometimes you are just singing to the open streets with no one around. For me there is nothing more liberating than sharing what you have created with complete strangers and feeling confident in your own art regardless of what others think around you. It is always nice though when someone appreciates what you are doing and kindly leaves a tip in your case, which I managed to do a few times last night during the hour I was playing. Thank you for those that took a listen.

From downtown I headed to my first experience @ The Westerner Cowboy bar where my friend Andrew was celebrating his bday. Andrew and I have known eachother for close to 15 years now, originally meeting in highschool through playing rugby. He also was the one that approaced me to be the place kicker on our Highschool football team, which I ended up doing for my junior and senior years. Currently Andrew is working on a Masters degree and has a couple of plans to do some guided traveling in Costa Rica, where he was living and guiding a few years ago. We’ve talked shop a little the last year and both have a few ideas that I would like to see come to fruition at some point.

The Westerner was a good time. Country music, wranglers, and shit kickers. The vibe was cool, but to be honest I’m not much of the line dancing type. I’d rather sit down w/ a cold beer in hand and listen to some live music, or at least some ‘ol Hank or Merle. A good time however, and it was great to catch up with an old friend of mine.

The week ahead looks promising> Working on my admission into The Art Institute, continue working on Issue #13 of TS, & start prepping and organizing clips for the movie project.

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