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I like to gnaw on work every day like a woodchuck on a mission. This past week was no exception and as Merle Haggard once said “keep my nose to the grind stone, work hard every day…” and that is what I plan on doing.

Was forutunate and excited to indulge in the layout for the first issue of Telemark Skier Magazine, that I will be editing. We have been tossing editorial ideas around and should be starting to make assignments this coming week for some of the content. The tangible aspect of this project is very new to me in comparison to the video and web stuff I have done in the past, and that has made me uber stoked for the final product. It really hit me this week when I was taking a break to do some climging @ the gym and decided to pick up some old issues of Climbing and Rock and Ice. What a great opportunity to capture time.

My move to Park City has been has been a pleasant suprise. I’ve enjoyed staying in during the days with a pot of coffee in the morning and my thoughts and imagination wandering through my finger tips onto the screen in front of me. The quiet has been immensly welcome and helpful in productivity.

One thing I’m looking forward to is the pre production for the FreeHeelLife movie that I’ll be producing this summer. I’ll be compiling all of the footage and I’m tossing the idea of a few story lines that I’d like to mix into everything to avoid the ski porn style. I’d much rather have something that feels different than just a bunch of shots w/ music. Fingers crossed as it will be an adventure and learning process, just how most things are with me.

Last night I made it out to see my brother’s band BLACKHOUNDS. They played a hometown show last night to a good size crowd and then bounced off this morning for a 5 week tour of West and Midwest dates. I admire my brother a ton for his persitence and dedication to his art and what he loves to do, as well as the rest of the bands, most of who I have known for some time now. My thoughts go out to them and I encourage anyone interested in checking out new music to catch a show and pick up a cd to help them eat and put gas in their van. more @

Thanks to everyone out there that supports small artists, local shops, and dreamers…you keep the world interesting.




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