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The world is an extremely beautiful place when one takes the time to stop and look around for a second. I know from personal experience that it can be easy to focus on certain things too much and by the time you reach the end of the road, you realize that you may have attained the goal, but you forgot to check out the intricacies along the way. A perfect example of this is hiking. Especially when I was a young kid, I would often get up early and set out to summit a peak in the Wasatch Mountains near my home. I hit the trail running, and often didn’t stop until the summit was beneath my feet. The view is always amazing from that vantage point, and my thirst for success always quenched on each occasion. However, years later I started to realize that although I could remember many of the summits, I often had a difficult time remembering the trails that led to them.

Often, we are engaged with our goals or even our sorrows to the point that we forget to focus on the small treasures that reside along the trails to get to the summit or possibly even the crux section so we have the chance to reach the summit. Who knows, it may be the little things along the way that actually help fuel the fire to make it possible to succeed.

This idea takes me to something on my mind lately. I’ve been a bit distraught with some of the news happening as of late, regarding several shootings. Father’s killing their children and themselves due to financial trouble, or like yesterday a man fatally shooting 3 officers in Pittsburgh for fairly unknown reasons. I hope that in these tough times people can sit themselves down and look at the more optimistic side of things before making such harsh decisions that often affect many other people around them.

In all reality the principle is almost too easy to believe. When shit gets tough, take a break, look around, refuel yourself on the good, and keep pushing forward.




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