new job. new home. more plans

Wow. I’ve have been running around like a wild child for the past couple of weeks and finding the time to write has been difficult, however many good things have come to pass and the time has come to catch up on some of the novidades(news).

I recently moved up to Park City to be with with my beautiful girlfriend. I have fought off the idea of living in PC for many years due to my own distaste for certain things, although it has always made a little more sense with my interest and involvement with the snow and telemark skiing. Sometimes things just feel right at certain moments and I try to remain sensitive to those inclinations and follow them. Moving to the east of the salty lake is one of those moments and I will oblige.

The first few days of being there have opened my senses to some new possibilities and I’m sure that it will prove to be a good place to call home for the next few years.

Along with the move to a new city I have also taken on a new job as the Editor at Telemark Skier Magazine. I’m humbled and excited by the opportunity and look forward to helping add my vision and movement to the project. I’ll continue to act as owner and operator of, which will provide me another platform to write and produce content outside of Telemark Skier. More details to come on what will be happening going into next season.

In addition to all of that, I’m winding down this season and starting to look forward to next year, and I’m stoked to say the least. Lots of new ideas on the board and starting to delve into the developing process and see what is going to be happening first.

thanks for reading.



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