Backcountry boosters. PHoes. new friends. NATO

This last couple of weeks has been a whirlwind tour of traveling, shooting, writing, and the like. Super enjoyable other than I picked up a cold and lost my voice for a few days…

Last week I flew back to Vermont for a few things. First off, I had the opportunity to meet with the rad guys at Telemark Skier magazine in little Jeffersonville, VT. We are working on some ways to collaborate and work together on Telemark related projects, and I’m stoked! More details to come about that in the future. In conjunction w/ all of this we headed to Mad River Glen for the 34th Annual NATO telemark festival. This is an event that I have wanted to attend for quite some time for several reasons including: the historical value, meeting Dickie Hall, and skiing MRG. All of my expectations were met and I had a great time. I was fortunate to meet some true characters in the sport and really dig up some history. I had the chance to interview this 90 old Norwegian telemarker named Kare, as well as rub shoulders w/ some of the forefathers of Eastern Telemark, including Chip Chase & Dickie Hall. There were so many other great new friends I made, but don’t have time to name them all….thank you everyone for making that a great trip.

I arrived home this past sunday night and already had two athletes staying at my house > Ty Dayberry and Zeph Hallowell, ready for a week of powder turns, and backcountry jumping. The last 4 days we had some new snow fall and were able to shoot some great photos and video, including two jumping days w/ the powderwhores for their upcoming flick. A big thank you to those guys for jumping on board for the show and for all of the athletes that came out, especially Alex Paul and Dylan Garner, who came from Breckenridge, CO and made quite the impression. Stoked to work with those two more in the future.



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