600 miles

I just returned to the SLC from a good jaunt on the road, 600 miles to be precise. Not anywhere near one of the biggest drive days I’ve done, which is probably close to 17+, but it was a respectable adventure nonetheless. I was invited to participate as media at the 3rd Annual Grand Targhee Telemark Festival at the resort by the same name.

I decided prior to leaving that I was going to build a video story out of the road trip to and from the festival, so I began filming from the time I was packing the car until the time I unpacked the car 600 miles later. It was a great trip to say the least, full of rich storylines. I was stoked to actually be getting out of town earlier than I had anticipated and hopeful that I’d make it to WY before dark, so I could do some filming. Then there was a little wiggle in the steering wheel and then a “flop-flop-flop-flop”.

I wasn’t angry about getting a flat tire, just bummed that all order was about to turn into disorder, total chaos. I quickly hopped out of the vehicle and moved into survival mode. I mean if you had to watch an exciting reality show wouldn’t it be a helmet cam on a guy that is changing a tire off the shoulder of the freeway. How many lugnuts can you spin off while watching 4 lanes at 75 mph. These are mere elements that are aquired by the road warrior as he progresses down the path of skibumdom. Of course the 1 second I did look down and quickly back up I almost had a heart attack because a bumper was coming right at me. Luckily for me it was a cop that was pulling up to block traffic. I didn’t stop to chat with him much as I was immersed in my spare changing abilities. Soon enough I was done, the officer had given me the beta on the nearest Les Schwab, and I was off like panties on prom night to get some new treads and be on my way.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t have to drop entirely too much money on replacing all of my tires. Needless to say though, it needed to be done and I’m happy that my future road warrior endeavors are looking brighter, at least for the moment.

The next section of the trip was pretty straight forward with the unusual sighting of a saxaphone playing pirate in Idaho Falls, small town gloominess, and an alpenglow covered Grand Teton.

Once I arrived it was straight to the bar for a showing of Powderwhore’s “The Pact” @ The Trap Bar followed by a quick hot tub session that was much needed. Randomly the hot tub experience turned into making new friends time. Turned out one of the guys in there I had met on the Lipstick Tour in Boise over a year and a half ago. He and his girlfriend were avid Telemark skiers and really rad people to talk to. They were telling me all about some great spots near Boise that I’m eager to go and check out when the opportunity presents itself. Thanks Greg and Cara for the brews and good convo!

After a great night of sleep in the Sioux Lodge, it was on to film the festival. The event was well put together and organized, and attendance was good for a 3rd year gathering. Each of the clinics was rocking with all skill levels and the demo tents kept busy all the way through the afternoon. The Telemark community has some serious roots from years and years of gatherings prior to this incarnation, so it was great to hear some stories from years past.

If you haven’t been to Grand Targhee…GO! I was uber impressed with the quality of skiing, the accesible terrain from the area, and the amazing surroundings. I can’t even imagine how a deep powder would be on this hill, yet I imagine I’ll be keeping my eyes on the weather report in the future.

A big thank you to Erica and Shannon for their great event and hospitality. I’m definitely coming back.

thanks for reading.



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