cleaning house / hit the road

I’ve decided in the past couple of weeks that it is time for me to move out of my current location in downtown Salt Lake City and venture into something new. “New” is the operative word and one I have yet to give a definition to, however I’m optimistic that it will be something more fullfilling than my current situation. In all candidness I really want to drive around indefinitely, play music on street corners and cafes, and continue to promote my other projects involved with Telemark skiing. Sounds like an ideal plan that may take a few months to whip into shape, but I think by Autumn I’ll be closer to that reality at least on a part time traveling basis. It is funny how 8 months ago I was feeling burned out on traveling so much, exhausted from ski “projects” and the like, and I was considering a life more distant from the vagabond soul I’ve always identified with. What the hell was I thinking!

Although society has created this stable environment for us to coexist in with 9 to 5 jobs, softball leagues after work, and weekend BBQs with the neighbors…I’m still convinced that their lies deep within us a nomadic desire that needs quenching like a thirsty throat on a hot day. This reoccuring theme seems to be common among everyone I come in contact with. Either people are the nomads or they wish they were the nomads. This traveling bug is something I anticipate will infest my mind and soul till the day I die, and I’m going to have to make constant choices as to how much of the disease I’m going to let inhabit my mortal shell.

April first will mark my day of freedom from my current location and although my plans are as undeveloped as they possibly could be, I’m confident they will come together.

As I was boxing up some things yesterday in my apartment I came across a box of things that I thought was pretty interesting. Have you ever come across a time capsule of sorts in your own home, closet, or storage unit? I absolutely dig sitting by myself and grinning at the tiny artifacts of my life that bring back so many memories. This particular box was one I had designated as a “ski” box. I would take clippings from newspapers, magazines, etc. and throw them in there until I could put them in my portfolio, which in all reality I knew I would probably never get around to doing. It is funny how you always think you will have time for that sort of thing. The clippings, dvds from tv interviews, etc. were all in there from early on in my Telemark ski career. All I can say is that I’ve been fortunate to have experienced what I have. Although it may be a little world that only I can see, it has been a wild ride with all the small film projects, photo shoots, and everything else. Words can not describe my gratitude. So cheers for the little boxes in life that we sometimes tuck away and forget about, figurtively and physically, they often times have things to remind us of who we are and what the hell we are doing here.

The upcoming week should be great. I’m looking forward to getting a lot of work done with the webzine, editing, and writing. At the end of the week I’ll be heading to the Grand Targhee Telemark festival to cover the event and make some turns, which I’m looking forward to. Pray for powder.

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