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I’ve recently been admiring the distinct characteristics of human beings and the complexity that each one of us has within us. It’s a toss up as to whether it is fortunate or unfortunate that each one of us is made up of a completely different combination of elements that rule us, because it makes understanding one another nearly impossible at times. However, I think for those of us that are up for the challenge, deciphering other human beings can be a fun and challenging endeavor.

I’m assuming that my fascination for people watching and long conversations with others has to do with this craving I have for understanding others around me. Each person is there own rosetta stone waiting for the characters to be understood by another’s simple discoveries, only to divulge everything from the crisp and clean to the dirt and ugly, and both make people beautiful.

This morning was a bit of a gloomy & gray start, but I decided to get up on the hill for some jumping again. I’ve been itching to get in the air again and was anxious depsite the bad light to get some spinning done and get my air sense back a bit. God I miss being up in the mountains as much this year and I’m looking forward to finding a better balance this spring and hopefully get things going for next year where I can stay on my skis more than I have this year.

I was going through some old photos and found these from the Canyons. They are circa 2004 when I first started skiing there and was fortunate to shoot with Will Wissman, an amazing mountain photographer that lives in SLC.

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