pulling it all together

This past week has been inspiring at points and very lacking (inspirationally) for me at other points…but in the grand scheme of things I guess that is how most people’s weeks probably feel. I’ll quit the wimpering then and get on with some of the highlights and adventures from this past week and try to highlight some of these ups and downs.

I made the ungodly sacrifice to not ski powder every day this week in an attempt to focus on some web work for my webzine (, and it paid off. I was able to teach myself some new design tricks w/ flash and dreamweaver that I’m excited about and ultimately will make my site better for my readers/subscribers, which is really the most important thing to me. The zine is coming along and I’m finding more time to create the content that I would like to see. Evolution can be a bitch though…as it can take years to get something to where one would like it. I’ll be the first to admit that FreeHeelLife is like an oil painting beneath the brush of a young artist. There is a master piece slowly building in layers, but I can only hope that the master piece evolves before the weight of trial and error in paint pulls the canvas over from the eisel to the floor. Strides not steps continue to be made and I’m confident in my work and my devotion to my sport, which is the platform I want to continue working from. This upcoming week will prove to be good times I’m sure as I have some great interviews lined up and am also planning to get out and do some filming with some athletes.

The end of this month and into March should be an extremely busy time in terms of ski related work and I’m looking forward to meeting some cool new people and cover some important events. A few events that I am planning on attending:

*The 3rd Annual Grand Targhee Telemark Festival, WY
*Mad River Glenn Telemark Festival, VT
*Madsen / Matlock Telemark extreme prep in Crested Butte, CO
*US Telemark Extremes – Crested Butte, CO

Other cool news is that I booked some studio time for early April here in Salt Lake. I’ll be producing a record with material that I’ve been writing for the past 6 years and I’m very excited to finally get it out and fine tune the compositions in addition to adding some instrumentation. My brother Lorin, who is an amazing musician, will be helping me with the majority of the added drums, percussion, and possibly some bass guitar as well as a good friend/musician Andrew Hintze, who I have played in a few projects with years ago. The endeavor should be fun and taxing at the same time, but I’m looking forward to the creative process and the opportunity to learn more about the recording process. I’m still deciding how I want to release the record…whether it will be a hard copy pressed or a digital release on my own personal website (which is in the works as well.) Either way I’ll be working on doing some promotion/pr for it before summer time and hope to get on the road for some dates to promote it in the late spring and summer. I’ll be adding info here as well regarding it, so stay tuned.



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