thought about writing a book

Lately I’ve been tossing the idea of writing a book. In all reality the idea had never even crossed my mind until about a year ago when I was reading “Scar Tissue” by Anthony Kiedis, which I thought was an amazing and interesting glimpse into someone’s life both good and bad. Lately the idea has begun to reaffirm itself as I’ve started researching some work by Henry Rollins and what he has done in terms of literature and it for some reason seems to be a more intriguing endeavor than ever.

I really wouldn’t expect anyone to be interested in a book that I write, but I think for me the challenge would be very stimulating and interesting. Lately I’ve been sitting down to transcribe some of my very first journals that date back to when I was 8 years of age. Crazy! It is the most interesting thing to see how one’s writing style and persona can evolve over the years, while other characteristics stay the same. I’m looking forward to digging up more writing journals, poetry, lyrics and more as I try to put all of the 30 years of pieces together.

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