powder mountain & Ibex clothing

Last night I actually stayed in my own bed in SLC and slept during the normal hours of the night…what a trip. I’m often times completely confusing the idea of sleeping during the night due to the crazy schedule that I was leading during my graveyard stints. All is well though….

So on to the more meaty subjects of the day and some observations about the world around me. I pulled myself out of bed around 6:30 am and was on the road to Powder Mountain for a photo shoot for Ibex clothing. I’m always very thankful when I get calls for work like this, because I enjoy being able to work outside and incorporate the outdoors into my day…and of course it is always a bonus when I’m actually able to do it w/ my freeheel gear attached. I met up with my good friend Shaun Raskin and photographer John Laptag (, who was a great guy to work with, and we headed up onto the mountain for some ski/lifestyle shots. I thought the day was pretty productive and both John and the client seemed stoked on the shots we were getting, so I was stoked as well. I haven’t shot like this for quite some time, so it was a fun adventure.

I hadn’t been to Powder Moutain since I was probably about 12 years old, long before i really even skied and a few years before I actually moved to Utah with my family, so It was great to revisit an old memory. My appreciation for the terrain and snow has come a long way since the early 90s when all i remember was how much my snowboard boots hurt and how cool I thought my Kemper mini rampage looked on the hill. It is probably good that i discovered Telemark skiing not too long after that and got rid of my day glow aspirations.

Pow Mow, as the locals call it, was so rad. Tons of powder and wind lips to be had and absolutely no people…we couldn’t have asked for more. I was fortunate to get on some great new boards (The Drifters) from Voile w/ Switchback bindings and I was a fan by the end of the first run down the soft goods. I highly recommend getting on a pair when they become available in your area.

Long story short> Great snow. Great people. Great shots. Mission accomplished.



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