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Monday was great. I had the opportunity to get out with some new clients that hired me for a private telemark clinic. We had a great day with some fresh snow and great lines. I’ve always enjoyed shraring my interest in Telemark skiing with other people and having the opportunity to watch them open up some new doors as they progress through the day and learn new things as well as hear their own personal stories about why they got into Freeheel skiing.
There is truly a common thread that ties most telemark skiers together and it generally lies in their personalities. It would be hard to generalize a telemark skier by simply how they look these days as I think that the “Free your heel, Free your mind” hippie cliche has evolved into a much broader free thinking individual with many different looks and interests. It reassures me that Freeheel skiing is something that people do, not as a logical choice, but merely because it is something that they can develop as an appendage of their own personality in the mountains.
I’m looking forward to meeting more like minded people through my endeavors as a coach and clinician in the future and expanding my ideas on the above subject. My next scheduled, official, clinic will be in Crested Butte, CO in March. I’ll be posting dates and information in the next few weeks about that if anyone is interested in attending.

This week is going to be a fun mixture of events, friends, and work. I’m planning on attending the World Cup Freestyle events @ Deer Valley and Park City, where the world’s best mogul, pipe, and aerial athletes will be competing. I’m stoked to see the duals on Saturday night and the pipe stuff…

As part of the festivities Michael Franti and Spearhead will be playing on Main St. in Park City on Thursday night. I had the opportunity to film a live show, of theirs, as part of the Avalaunch Awareness Campaign last year and become much more interested in their music and message, so I’m looking forward to seeing the performance this week. If you like what Franti/Spearhead are doing I would recommend checking out other artists on the ANTI label, which is run by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion fame. Great stuff!

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