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The last few months i’ve found myself seeking out new things, people, philosopies, etc that inspire me and provoke growth on different levels. As each year goes by I’m realizing the importance of continuing my “life” education on a daily basis. It seems like a simple task, but I often times find that the clutter of life in general can get in the way of finding new and good things for our souls.
Lately I’ve found a series of interviews from Henry Rollins. Rollins was originally known as the front man for the band Black Flag in the early 80s and has since gone on to perform as a poet, act in various projects, and author several books. I’ve found a hunger for more of his thoughts simply by listening to this humble man speak. He has a grip on reality in a different way than I feel from most people, and I enjoy his intensity. I’m looking forward to picking up some of his work in print and reading more about his thoughts and experiences in life of which I think I’ll continue to be intrigued.
In addition to Rollins I’ve also been interested in reading about several philosophies namely Wicca & Taoism. I’m really just scratching the surface there, but hopefully can elaborate more on my thoughts in the future as I find the time to do some research.

Today marks a historic day and one that I’m proud to have the opportunity to be alive for…the innaguration of the President. Barrack Obama will today become the first African American president of the USA. It is an amazing time of unity that marks an incredible amount of hard work to open hearts and minds over the years. One of my favorite lyricists, Jesse Michaels, once said in a song called “Unity”:

“Unity as one stands together – Unity, evolution’s gotta come…”

I think this simple phrase rings true today. The simple fact that evolution has finally brought us to the point that we can begin to unify our nation more and more.

* On a personal note> This is my last week of working the graveyard shift and I’m grateful to move on to a more normal schedule for several reasons, mainly my health and sanity. It has served its purpose well and I’m grateful that I’ve had a job in these difficult times…but the future continues to get brighter by the day and I’m looking forward to other projects.

thank you for reading.



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