“Vagabond Souls”

I recently finished a song for my girlfriend for her birthday. It has been nice the last few months to work on some new material and have some new influences in my life…and see how that affects my music and my writing. I’m sure when it comes time to record, several of these new things will become apparent in my lyrics and even the style of music.

Here are the lyrics to the new one>

“Vagabond Souls”

It’s a hot cup of tea as we watch the sunset
It’s your bright blue eyes staring down the sun
It’s a list of places and a pocket full of change
There’s no time wasted when your by my side

We’re vagabond souls and everybody knows
we only got one life to live so we gotta do it right this time

life’s a big river with stepping stones
you can tip toe your way through it
but you can’t do it all alone
sometimes by yourself
or you can take my hand
it really don’t matter much
as long as i can be your man

it’s a life living on the road
making two lanes feel like home
new faces all around
different places and different sounds
sipping coffee on the curb
on those early morning with the birds
a simple life with one another
while our crazy dreams fuel the fire




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