New Music . Holidays . Snow . Travelin’

new music
I made a really good push the last week and a half with some new material and was happy to get a new song finished called “vagabond souls”. I wrote it for my beautiful girlfriend who just had her birthday a few days ago…and I was really happy with how it came out. Lately I’ve been inspired more by the positive side of life rather than some of my older material which tends to lend itself to more of a melancholy vibe. Needless to say that it is a nice change for me and I’m looking forward to playing some new songs live and hopefully get some recording done by spring, although that always seems like a daunting task to line up. Ultimately I’d like to at least put an EP together and do some light touring through some cafes in and around the west coast by summer time and beyond. I’ll be sure to keep anything I do posted here or on my facebook or myspace page (, in case anyone is interested in coming out to hear some tunes.

The Holidays
Things are incredibly slow here at work so I’m looking forward to a few nights of down time and “thinking” time, which is always nice. I’ve really been trying to take some extra time and re-evaluate the idea behind the holidays and what they mean to me on a personal level. Like I’ve said before, I think that it is amazing how detached we sometimes can feel and become from the simple things in life like friends, family, & love. It is easy of course to go ultra hippie and start harping on the commercialism of Christmas and the holiday season, but I have to admit that there is some validity in the fact that we have drifted away from certain key points and principles of Holiday significance, like a ship without an anchor floating out in the stormy sea waiting for the inevitable wave to crash down on it. Although a small change on my part, I’m trying to at least give gifts that have some creativity involved with them. Something that I feel will help that particular person grow and find out more about themselves and others around them. I could elaborate a bit more, but then I’d just be unveiling all the glory of my presents to anyone in my family that might actually read this.


The weekend brought in some nasty storms to the Wasatch with some decent snowfall and more coverage. I’m going to get out on Wednesday for some turns with some friends that are in town, so I’ll be sure to let everyone know how things are going then. I still haven’t really had any time to get out and poke around in the BC, but to be honest it sounds scary right now and I’m not that into trekking around till things settle down a bit. Hopefully some of these nasty layers will start healing up as we get some more snow this week.


My constant itch to travel will get a little bit of fullfillment this Friday as I will have the chance to get on the road and visit Flagstaff, AZ. For some reason I’ve never been to AZ or NM, so I’m really looking foward to spending 4 days down there with Carrie and her family for the holiday weekend. I wanted it to be a suprise too, so I have been holding myself back from googling any photos of the area in hopes that it will enhance the “aww” sensation when I arrive. There is nothing like feeling as if its your first road trip ever and you get so stoked with every single city you visit! I’m confident that this will feel like one of those trips.



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