The Graveyard Grind.

I’m a zombie of sorts. A nocturnal mixture between a vampire sans blood sucking tendencies and the walking dead. Over the years I’ve subjected myself to the greater good of the graveyard shift in order to have ample time in the day to do work on my other projects, but it obviously takes its toll on your mental and physical condition. However, I wouldn’t trade the experience though….if anything it has always been a great lesson in dedication and focus for me.

I’ve currently picked up a gig as a Night Auditor at a hotel not far from my home. I actually had this job in the beginning of my ski career for some of the same reasons, so when I was looking for employment a few months ago, I thought this would be the perfect fit.

The night time is interesting. It is generally quiet and people come out that you don’t normally see. From the time I walk or bike to work around 10pm until I go home at 8am, it is fun and interesting to observe a world that few ever see. Junkies roaming the park and the streets, young kids exploring the world for the first time, and random people of all kinds. The darkness brings out a different animal than the 9 to 5 people could ever imagine…and I don’t mean “bad” people. Merely different.

I’m not really sure how long my romance will last with the graveyard shift this time around, although when it ends I know that I’ll be ready to move on from that experience for good. I think I’ve exhausted the possibilities of the night for myself, at least in this regard and I’m looking forward to a time when I can focus on my projects in a different light, literally.

The End Of The Week
It is about 6:30 am on Friday morning now and I’m looking forward to some rest and relaxation this weekend. I’ve truly come to enjoy down time this past 8 months or so, as I’ve developed more free time to spend with friends and family…something I’ve grown to appreciate more and more. My girlfriend and I are going to spend some time for her birthday together…which I’m stoked about. Other than that probably try to make some turns and maybe work on some music before the new week starts.



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