I hear it at least once a day either out of my mouth or someone around me…”I wish there was just more time to get things done.” This has obviously become more apparent as I have gotten older for the mere fact that we begin to acquire more responsibilities and things to do. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the idea that we often fill our time with things that often really “don’t” matter in the large scheme of things, such as: love, family, and doing good for one another. Unfortunately the things that do take our time are things like work, which is a necessity, but can put a strangle on the time spent building strong relationships with our family and friends. The entire concept is pretty interesting really…and I’m sure that it is a balance that takes a life time to master.

I spent a nice weekend in Park City with my beautiful girlfriend relaxing, skiing, and visiting friends. We attended a few Christmas parties and met some cool new people, shared some wine, and good conversation. I think for me this is the first Christmas season I haven’t been on the road in a while and I’m finding it to be a nice change. I actually feel interested in the idea of the Holiday season without the distractions that I have had in past years. It can be really soothing to take a moment and realize the ideas and concepts behind the holidays themselves and take the time to be around the people that you care about. I guess it plays into my thoughts above a little bit and the idea that we often get swept away from the things that matter like family.

On Saturday evening I did have an amazing opportunity to attend a small function put on by the two Wasatch Youth Telemark programs, Alta Youth Telemark & The Tele Tribe. It was nice to have a moment to get up and introduce myself to some new kids and parents and chat about what I do in the Telemark world and how stoked I am for the programs that are starting in the area. In all my years around here, it was really nice to check out a group of people actually getting together to help build a community of Telemark skiers here…. really excited about all of this going on! You can check out more about them here:

Here is to a time of Families and Friendships.



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