Coming back to Life

I go through phases. Phases are these sarcastically wonderful things that we all seem to endure as each day goes by. We sit and talk with co-workers about them, call up parents to discuss and complain, and bore our friends with our delusional ideas of why things could have gotten so shitty. They happen. They help us grow. Most importantly they go away because they are merely segements of the overall picture and we really have no choice but to embrace them and figure out how they fit in to the entire scheme of things. So in a nutshell I’m feeling a bit of a reemergence into the circle of life and social interaction and that is fine by me.

I’ve been working on a personal website for some time now, but the process is slow and I’m finding it difficult to find the appropriate time to invest in it to create what I would like. Part of that site was to be a fresh and updated area to share thoughts, i.e. my blog. This may or may not happen, but I began thinking that there was quite of bit of history written upon these virutal pages of this current place, so why not just continue on with it and worry about the fresh and exotic renovation later.

So for all intents an purposes, I’ll be here more times then none spewing out crazy adventures and thoughts about the world I live in and the many projects I seem to have intertwined into my existence. If nothing else…it is an outlet and place of expression that I’m looking forward to having again in my life.



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