The last 4 days have been a whirlwind of traveling for me. I was just on the east coast and showing the movie there…then took a train into NYC from Connecticut to catch a flight to Germany. The rest of the crew headed up to Burlington, VT for our show at UVM….which we thought was going to be a bigger turn-out, but it sounds like the kids who came were rad and stoked to be there. Thanks to EMS for hanging out with us there and making things happen!

So back to Germany…I finally arrived at the airport not having slept at all on the plane, so I was pretty tired. My friend Christian picked me up and we got straight onto the autobahn to head to Austria. I was able to sleep a few minutes on the way up…but really not enough. We arrived a few hours later and it was time to put the ski stuff on. I was amazed at how much early snow they had because in the States there was really nothing. I knew that I had the day free to ski by myself, so I took it upon myself to enjoy.

It was nice to be back on skis again and it was even better to have a little fresh pow to slide around on. The mountains here are amazing. So steep and rocky and just an entirely different world than back home. The last time I was here it was a complete white out and freezing cold, but I was suprised to see the sun almost the entire time I was there. The first day came to a close and we headed down to have some dinner and then hit the Dorfpub.

The hotel we stayed in was killer. A small little cottage with only a small amount of rooms. For only 50 euros per night I had my own room and they cooked an amazing breakfast and dinner (5 courses) each day. I really enjoy these down-home places that help me remember how the world should be…not some corporate bullshit. I enjoyed my stay to say the least. you can check it out at

The festival was great to say the least and I met some rad new kids from Bavaria, Chzech, and Austria…so I’m amped to get some things going over here to help grow these groups.

We finally made it back to Munich tonight and I was stoked that I could get on and check my email and have a chance to call my girl at home. I’m looking forward to getting back to Utah so that I can reconnect with myself, my loved ones and friends a little bit before the holidays. The road warrior attitude never goes away, but I know that I’m going to need to take a breather sooner than later.

This past week I read “Scar Tissue” by Anthony Kiedis. I was completely intrigued by this collection of stories, life, love, sorrow, loss, drugs, self-conflict, good times, etc. I was really needing something like this in my life right now, just something to journey off into and provoke some thought about life and everything else. For me reading other’s thoughts, lyrics, poetry always seems to do this and after finishing the book tonight I just felt stoked. I guess that might be construed as a weird ending to a memoir…but I just felt refreshed after the entire experience.

Tomorrow I think I’ll venture off into Munich and see what is going on in the world of Germany.



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