The Right Coast

Been having a killer time here on the east coast since we arrived a few days ago. The drive across the US was actually pretty enjoyable besides the back aches and sore muscles from sitting for 10+ hours / day. All worth it though.

Had the chance to see a bunch of cool sites along the way and meet some really cool new people. Hit up Niagara Falls, Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, The Maine Coast, The Salem Witch museum, Plymouth Rock, and much more.

Our show in Brunswick was great in some ways and in others not. There was actually a few hundred people attending, which was killer…but again the “tele” crowd was older and less stoked on what we have going on. I couldn’t believe that it was on a college campus and there were very few college students. Crazy! The opportunity to show the movie though was priceless in terms of sharing our message, which we are greatful for. Great to see Biff of NET too…great guy with a lot of stoke about what he has going on.

The next couple of shows are going to be interesting as we are really stepping into uncharted territory. We are trying to hook up with ski clubs along the way and get the word out, but i know that this area of the country will take time to develop.




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