long week fo sho

I was determined to sleep in this morning, but surely enough at 8am I was wide awake and ready to get up…arggh! Oh well. This past week has been both a blessing and a challenge. We had it off between some dates on the film tour, so I hooked up with a good friend of mine to help him build a log cabin. I have done some framing and construction,but this was a really different process. Lots of heavy shit, but rewarding nonetheless and I was able to spend some time out in the middle of nowhere which is always nice to clear the soul.

Last night we hit up a dollar flick with some PBRs stashed…the flick was “Nanny Diaries” …i think. pretty dope little story and mindless enough that I really didn’t have to think much, which was the objective.

D. Ruppel drove in from Bozeman last night and JRutt is flying in today at 1pm. We have an invite to participate in the Monster Rail jam at the Fat Flake Festival in Downtown SLC tonight. Should be a blast…sign some posters and get on the stix for a few hours. I have been sitting, driving and doing computer shit all summer and fall…so I’m stoked for some action.



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