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i haven’t had a ton of time to just chill out by myself and catch up on my actual thinking process. i’m beginning to think that it completely throws one’s balance off when that starts to happen and that is never a good thing for productivity. it seems like the key is to get yourself into a routine of sorts that makes it hard to deviate point being…make daily time to balance.

i subscribed to A. Boronowski’s blog yesterday and seemed intrigued by what he has going on over there. Cool art. Cool thoughts. i remember seeing him at SIA this past winter…we both had mowhawks… so that was chill. check out

i.m in corvallis, OR right now at a show that may not happen. kind of one of those towns that we need to really figure out the core little group of people to make some shit happen and then i think we will be alright.

portland was so sick last night. 2 great shows. great people. looking forward to next year.

tomorrow is going to drive to the beach tonight and sip wine while watching the storm come in.



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