Logan Utah

I’m back at the Cafe Ibis in Logan, Utah this morning. It is always a little strange to come back to this town for me. Ya know…old friends, old love, old people, old memories. I was here from 2000-2002 which were very transitional years for me personally. Change is something I have always tried to embrace and enjoy, so I guess the bright side of being here is the celebration of change….god that sounds cheesy.

Last night we premiered the movie to a small crowd at the Utah theater here in Logan. It is hard to do what we are doing and trying to build up a following of youngsters around the world. The process is slow but sure and I’m proud to be a part of it. I have a lot of faith in everything that we are putting our efforts into right now.

An old friend of mine, Ryan Waterfall came out to the show with some friends, so it was nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd. We went out to The White Owl and got a beer following the screening and then he let us crash on his floor. It is people like him that keep us a little more comfortable than we would be otherwise. Thanks Ryan.

So today it is on to Pocatello! We are stuck here in Logan for a few more hours as I found out that I had to replace all 4 of my brakes and rotors on my Subaru. Fucking great huh. Oh well…that is what we signed up for and things were bound to happen at some point along the way. I’m sure this won’t be the last time.

Wish us luck everyone…and if you haven’t picked up a movie online yet and enjoy what we are doing please pick up a copy and keep our tummys and gas tanks full while we are out on the road.



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