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I just got off the phone with a Freeheel kid from VT that contacted me about how to pursue Telemark skiing on a more serious level and a 40 min. conversation left me with such a great feeling about the validity of a youth influence in this sport.

It’s not that every kid out there has to be a full time telemark athlete to enjoy the sport by any means. I don’t want that to be the case. I want everyone to enjoy the sport at their own level and own pace. That is the freedom of life and choice. I am however extremely interested in how the youth mind will change Freeheel skiing in the future.

Kids have a tendency to think a lot differently about things. Everything! It really comes down to being intrigued by the unknown possibilities of what is to come in the future if simply giving them something old and let them reign over it 100% without ever thinking that they will ruin it.

I think that is my biggest complaint about where the Telemark world is at right now. All of the old pinners out there have this idea that the youngsters are not respecting the history of the sport. The reality of it is that Telemark skiing was built on non conventional wisdom and passion for the snow and imagination. History has always been made by deconstructing “what is” and recreating it with a different perspective.

Cheers to new face that thinks about something differently.



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