Loving it.

God…we finally found the time to sit down for a little bit this morning. The entire tour has been so fun so far and we have met so many cool people along the way. This is really what I have been pushing for in my life for the past 8 years. I’ve wanted to be on the road, seeing new places, and sharing something that I really care about.

Last night we were in Vail @ The Vail Mtn. School where Kjell, one of our athletes attends. The crowd was amazing and the majority were Freeheel kids that were stoked to be there and check out what we had going on. If anyone out there thinks that there is not a Freeheel Youth Culture that is thriving, they are greatly mistaken.

The push goes on today and tomorrow as we show the movie at The Dillon Dam Brewery tonight and at CU Boulder tomorrow. We have been really fortunate here in Summit County, CO where a lot of our old Telemark friends work and live here. We have been able to do 2 radio interviews and we have a great 30 second commercial on RSN X. The only bad part about the whole deal is that our good friends in Neon Trees had to cancel their show tonight. We are looking forward to seeing them next week though.

Life is just fucking rad to say the least. Easy…not at all, but very satisfying and I’m enjoying every minute of it. The road can be hard for sure, but I think the couple of days we have off at home this upcoming week will be nice and it will be great to see some friends.

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