Segunda Feira

Solid start to the morning. Didn’t really get to bed until quite late because I was at the ‘ol office working on things…but a cup of hot bean water later and I’m feeling a little more spunky. Stoked because we finally got a basic web store uploaded onto, so that is some great news. Baby steps.

Talked to Cody last night…and sounds like he is headed to SLC today instead of later in the week which is great! I guess his friend Ben had his appendix taken out the other day…rupture! Anyways, so it will be nice to have an extra hand around the office to get things dialed in.

I can’t believe that we only have 11 days before we hit the road!!!! I’m way stoked…still seems like tons to do around here before we leave but I have a feeling that will always be the case. It is always difficult to step away from work since there is always something more that can be done. On the flip side I feel like being on the road is going to open up our minds to what people are thinking and be able to connect with our people from around the world.

I think this week will be a lot of just touching up and going over scenarios of what we need to accomplish when we need hit the road. Everything has to be as calculated as possible for this thing to work. Scared? a little….but its totally manageable and that’s what makes it fun. I thrive on this shit. I think everyone I know thinks I’m crazy because I get as much of a rush from business as I do with skiing. I however thinks its one of the best mixtures around.



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