Just been buried

I’ve been absolutely buried in work for the past week, month, year….I don’t even know where to start. Haha. I’m in good spirits though and stoked on what is going on. For those of you that have known me for quite sometime, I have alway waited tables to supplement my income with my skiing and after years of doing that I finally gave it up.

For the last week I’ve been pushing hard working 12-15 hour days solely on ski projects, (i.e.), Lipstick Films, and my personal athlete agenda. it feels so liberating, but I won’t lie that the jump is a little scary as well. I’m sure all will work out and I am already seeing the benefits of having more time for “ski stuff”.

A lot of work has been spent on the pre-order of “Since We Last Spoke” which goes for two more days (Sept. 15th). So if you haven’t ordered your copy of the hottest Telemark flick this season, please be sure to go grab a copy at
Lipstick Films

There is a chance to win a bunch of free gear during the pre-order, so please don’t miss out.

In other news, I’ve taken over my websites and no longer outsource the html stuff. Somehow I have managed getting it done and have been learning tons. I’m excited to have that learning process back in my life…its great. is benefiting too as there are constant updates throughout the day….so hopefully that will keep more people tuned into what is going on in our little world.

Back to work for me. I should be creating a blog for Lipstick Films so we can keep those interested while we are on tour…so stay tuned.

p: Quinn Starr



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