Just got up from an hour power nap in my office on a couch that is so small tha half of my body hangs off over the arm rest. It was incredibly neccesary though because I was getting to the point today where I could not function physically because of the exhaustion from all of the all nighters I pulled on Monday and Tuesday and then flying to Portland yesterday for all day meetings with Columbia’s Titanium Men’s design team.

Portland was killer. I forgot how much I really enjoy that town and the general atmosphere and vibe that it gives off. I arrived in the morning around 10 am where our team manager Jodie picked us up and I met up with the other guys: Drew, Kevin, Jeremey and Pete. A couple of the guys were new aquantances to me but we all hit it off and became good friends throughout the day during the meetings and then later over dinner and drinks.

The meeting was a great experience and was the first of its kind for the Titanium brand. I think all of us as athletes are really excited with the direction that they are taking things and we have some really cool product coming up for the 2008 season that I’m stoked to to get into the test peices asap. Some of the items coming out this fall that i’m excited about are the ones that I was testing last season like the Golf Plaid Pro.

You can check out more great stuff at .

After cruising back into SLC today I finally was able to get the movie off to the press and get the duplication rolling. It will be really exciting once we actually have a physical product in our hands that is tangible and real. Sales are looking up this week during the pre order and we hope the growing trend continues as we get into the month of Septmember.

We have tons of work left to tie up loose ends for the film tour as well, but everything is ultimately coming together quite nicely. its truly amazing how many little things have to be done in order for the process to work smoothly.

Well….I woul love to elaborate more, but gotta jet back to a few other things before the night is over.



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